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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project Cheese: Mozzarella!

We have been making Yogurt for some time now (at first I was doing it but now Rebekah has taken over the responsibility…yes!) so figure this qualifies us to try out some more difficult cheeses.  Today we decided to make mozzarella.  We are making AMERICAN mozzarella using the recipe found in a packet of Junket rennet tablets.
Apparently, making American mozza is easier than other kinds (of mozza), hmm. 

So anyway;

The first step was to mix the milk, just like with yogurt we used powdered milk (cow-pow) mixed 2 to 1 (that is 4 cups water, use de-chlorinated water for this, and 2 cups milk powder).  This is slightly stronger than recommended on the bag but it gives us a nice thick milk.

Dissolve ¾ of a teaspoon citric acid powder in ¼ of a cup water, add this to the milk (which should be around 30°C) and stir well.
 Dissolve ½ a Junket Rennet tablet (or about a ½ tsp of any powdered rennet) in another ¼ cup water and add this to the milk mixture.
Stir thoroughly (some sources recommend a minute) then set the whole thing aside for about 2 hours, or until a clean break forms.  While you’re waiting you could; do the dishes, have a nap, or even read the rest of our blog!

Eventually, you will get a clean break.  When this happens cut the curd into ½ inch cubes.  

A clean break.
Cutting the Curd.

Let the curds “rest” for about 15 minutes.  Then warm them over low heat to 42°C and hold them there for 35 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Collect the curds by pouring them and the whey through a clean cloth.  Let drain for another 15 minutes.  
We save the whey in the fridge and use it for baking.

Put the curd into a microwave safe container and microwave for about 45 seconds.  Drain of the excess whey and kneed the curd to distribute heat evenly.
 Roll the finished mozza into a ball and drop into a jar of cool brine to set, place in the fridge overnight.

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