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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hard Apple Cider (Project Fermentation)

I have always wanted to make beer (Bek has stories of exploding bottles and is not quite so keen).  And so begins the second phase in our fermentation experimentation.  Hard Apple Cider.  By all accounts much easier than both wine and beer (and more legal than moon-shine). 

As usual we have no idea what we are doing so I (as usual) went online. Apparently, hard cider is one of the easiest fermented beverages to make!  The basic ingredients are “sweet” cider and yeast (most people recommend Champagne yeast).  The only pieces of equipment you are not likely to have lying around are; a fermentation vessel (I’m using the (glass) bottle my cider comes in) and an airlock ($4 at the local home-brew store).

But cider is soooooooooo good! We drank the whole bottle before we even got home!  Oh well, just have to buy some more and try again tomorrow!

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