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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saturday June 2. Tomatoes!

This week on the farm we “trellised” all the tomato plants we planted in the greenhouse (Sat May 12).  First we used heavy picture hanging wire to suspend a pipe the length of the greenhouse and 4’ below the rafters.  Then for each tomato plant we tied one end of a piece of twine to the pipe and, careful to leave a lot of slack, the other to the base of the plant.  As the plant grows we will periodically twist the twine around it to provide support. (see gallery: Tomtoes!)

On a sad note, earlier this week we put the larger chicks outside in chicken tractors similar to the one the ducks are in (see last weeks post).  All went well until a few nights ago.  An animal broke in and killed half of them! In the morning we found the bodies, all of them unmarked except for a small puncture wound in the neck or head.  Killed for sport and left to rot, sure signs of a weasel.
The remaining ducklings and chicks have been moved into the un-used chicken coop back inside the barn where we hope they will be safer.  We hope!

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