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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Internship At Marvelous Edibles Farm.

Today is my first full day as an intern at Marvellous Edibles Farm in Owen Sound, Ontario.  Marvellous Edibles keeps heritage breed pigs, beef cattle and chickens as well as an orchard, permaculture garden and market garden.
After arriving yesterday morning I spent the day helping in the kitchen preparing loads of yummy treats and meats to be sold today at market in Toronto.  Jens and Ayse are former owners/chefs of a restaurant in Toronto and augment their farm products with high quality preserves, specialty meats, pies, etc. prepared on farm in their own professional kitchen.
There is of course very little in the way of fresh produce to bring to market this time of year.  Although we did manage to find some fresh garlic, beets and salad greens in the greenhouse!

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